Industrial, Commercial, and Residential

Emergency Power systems can back up your entire home or business or just the most essential circuits during a power outage. Whether you need a new generator installed, an old one replaced, repaired, or serviced Hendry Services, LLC will make sure it is sized and installed properly. We offer turn key installations and load testing and a 24/7 call service. Proper service and maintenance are essential for any type of generator to function properly in its time of need. We offer maintenance programs for servicing and testing generators in which we test battery terminations, connections, and fluid level (when applicable). We check cables, belts, hoses, oil levels and condition, battery charging system, safety circuit alarms and lights, automatic transfer switches, switchgear power connection temperature, automatic exercise system. We observe and record oil pressure, coolant temperature, voltage at no load and with load, HZ at no load and with load when possible. Adjust timers, voltage and HZ when necessary. Check and report fuel level, observe and report condition of generator and test run the engine. We will change the oil and filters as often as customer requires. We will remove used oil from the premises and discard of it according to EPA standards properly. Let us customize a generator system and service plan to meet your needs.